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Rod Parsley says ministry threatened by lack of funds

December 21, 2009

World Harvest Church said in a statement this afternoon that the church has no plans to close any ministries in 2010, including its schools, despite its Web site’s assertion that ministries are “in jeopardy.”

The Rev. Rod Parsley has issued a desperate plea for money, telling his flock that he is facing a “demonically inspired financial attack” that is threatening his ministry.

This is an interesting article, interesting because this ” desperate plea for money” is coming from a Pastor that preaches against this very thing. Lack. Pastor Rod Parsley says this a “demonically inspired financial attack” but when World Harvest Church issued a statement they attributed the problem to a decline in member giving due to the recession. So which is it? I think Parsley’s choice of words manipulate the people into giving, because the obvious reason (recession) wouldn’t spark urgency in the people. Parsley says they need donations by December 31st but won’t give reasons as to why so soon. Interesting. I guess when you manipulate people into giving and you promise more to them than God Himself does, you can leave those MINOR details out. Here is the link to the article:

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