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Obama Returns from Church-Less Christmas Vacation

January 7, 2010

President Obama wrapped up his holiday vacation in Hawaii Sunday after 11 days of sports, fun, and, not surprisingly, work from the capital.

Noticeably missing from the president’s schedule, however, was a trip to a church – even on Christmas, according to White House sources.

I would like to say that this is shocking; to read that our President missed church on Christmas, but I am not shocked one bit. Trying to find out exactly what our President believes is like trying to find a needle in a hay stack, I don’t think the American people know exactly what he believes but I don’t think President Obama knows either. He grew up in a Unitarian church (Unitarians deny the doctrine of the Trinity) while living in Hawaii as a child and then as an adult spent nearly twenty years under the teaching of controversial Pastor Jeremiah Wright at Trinity United Church of Christ, so is he Unitarian or Trinitarian, Let’s hope he knows. Pastor Jeremiah Wright by his own admission is a staunch believer in Black Liberation Theology and that’s what his church believes as well; is this what our President believes, to say he doesn’t or didn’t believe in Black Liberation Theology would be tough for us the American people to believe given the years he spent under that teaching. President Obama has and will continue pushing for gay rights and that is hardly in keeping with what the bible teaches, as it condemns such who have that lifestyle. I don’t believe this is a good example for a nation who has given way to relativism and mixes religions to make gods to suite themselves, not good at all but it is what it is. I will conclude with this, since President Obama chose to have a church-less Christmas vacation, he sat under anti-biblical teaching, and pushes the gay agenda, I believe then it would be safe to say that he is not a born-again christian and that during his tenure being a christian will be very difficult. Here is the link:

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