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The Need For Inductive Bible Study

January 28, 2010

Before I begin to make my case, I would first like to state what inductive bible study is. Inductive bible study is taking the time to get the proper understanding of what the text is saying, to then give the text its proper application to one’s life. In it’s simplest sense inductive bible study consist of three parts: what does the text say, what does the text mean, and what does the text mean for my life? In other words, you would be observing, interpreting, and then applying. So, with that said, I would like to now harp on why there is a need for this type of bible study and why I am such an ardent advocate of it. Why the need? Well, most professing christians (At least the ones I’ve met and heard speak) tend to take scriptures out of context; sometimes on purpose, but mostly (I would like to believe) out of ignorance. Why does this happen? Because a lack of rightly dividing the word of truth, will only yield improper interpretation and much less a proper application. These are the results you can expect from not taking the time to extract what the text is really saying, thus giving way to so many different interpretations of the same texts. I wouldn’t want someone taking my words out of context and much less God’s words, that is just unacceptable. I am a lover of God’s word (philologos) and hold a very high view of scripture; to the point where I take it offensive when God’s Word is not rightly divided. Can you blame me? It God’s Word! These feelings were born from weeping over times when I took scripture to mean something it didn’t, does that mean I always get it right; even now? Absolutely not, but I take the time to extract the proper meaning of the text, no matter how long it will take me. Are there other methods of study? Yes, do I believe they yield the results that inductive bible study does? No. Inductive bible study is difficult and takes plenty of ones time, but it’s worth it; getting God’s Word right will always be worth it.

2 Timothy 2:15

Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

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