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Revival? No, it’s Reformation: Calvinism is back

March 31, 2010

Josh Burek of the CS Monitor, recently wrote an article entitled Calvinism is back; I will say that the title was a bit of a misnomer as it should have been called “The rise of New Calvinism.” Although I am at odds with the title, I must say that the article was great; well written and well researched. In other words, Josh was dead on with his assessments of what we (New Calvinists) believe. He also did a great job on explaining the difference between Calvinism and the man-centered gospel; he also gave us a good look into Calvin himself. If you are Calvinist you will love this article, but if you are not it gives you a good idea of what Calvinist (those who have a proper understanding of Calvinism) are like and why they love this doctrine. Hope my commentary inspires the reading of this article, here is the link:

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